Our Objective

Decent life for Everyone


ReDO endeavor to empower and support the community initiatives in solving their own development challenges towards improved lives through increasing access to improved quality and affordable services through research, community empowerment through participatory approaches, transfer of skills and knowledge for community’s sustainable development.

In order to attain this long-term objective drawn from the thematic areas, the organization shall; -

  • Increase access to safe and clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services to the rural and urban communities through behavioral changes and advocate the construction of improved WASH facilities to the community and public places.

  • Conduct various research collaboratively with other key actors on development opportunities and challenges for evidence-based investments in community development.

  • Assist and promote human rights and gender equality to the community to address various violations such like Violations against Women and Children (VAWC).

  • Improve the health status of the community through promotion of social behavior Communication change (SBCC) approaches in ending both communicable and non-communicable diseases, sexual reproductive health and rights (SRH&R), mother and child, Reduce Stunting to children and advocate for community friendly health services including construction of good health facilities for the better service delivery.

  • Enhance preventive skills and measures against HIV/AIDS spreading among community taking in consideration that HIV/AIDS is among of cross cutting issues.

  • Increase access to justice to all paying special attention to the disadvantaged groups, such as women, children, youth and elders through accessible, affordable, and readily available.

  • Promote and advocate for good governance and leadership, through enhancing accountability and transparency such as public expenditure transparency among the duty bearers through various capacity building.

  • Promote partnership for goals amongst the stakeholders working under the same thematic focus.

  • Build a recognition of the value of customary knowledge and LGA in planning, management, monitoring and evaluation of socio-economic development program in the community.

  • Promotion of climate action and making community resilient to hazardous of climate change such that establishing the climate – resilient water governance and environment management.

  • Promote and enhance sustainable development initiatives in the community through various lawful livelihood development interventions such like are; promotion of community engagement in savings and productive activities such that through Village Savings and Lending Groups, Producers groups and entrepreneurs’’ groups.

  • Promote improved quality education to the Tanzania children and youth through advocacy to the government and construction of equipped education infrastructures and provision of learning facilities for equity.

  • Strengthen community capacities in environmental management through preservation, conservation and protection.

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