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Reaching the community through national and international events 2021-2022:


  • Participation in Legal aid week 2021: Making community legally empowered is the multi-sectorial efforts. Legally empowered community nourishes its economy and social aspects. This event contributed to improved livelihood of the poor communities by promoting economic justice through increased access to quality and affordable legal aid and legal education to the community, woman, children, youth and People with Disabilities (PWDs) in particular, who are mostly ReDO beneficiaries which in turns adds to community advocacy and advocating for court punishments to prisoners who some of them constitutes of these groups. Many other legal actors showed up like, six (6) District Paralegal Organizations supported by Legal service Facility (LSF) representing six district of Singida, Regional Government, LGA, NGOs and entertainment groups.  General assessment of this event achieved the following;

  • 34,000 people (75% women, children and PWDs) reached in legal education (LE) through direct contact with legal aid providers (paralegals) especially women, children and PWDs.

  • 312 (101M, 211F) people provided with legal aid (LA) in issues pertaining, land, violence et.c

  • 34,000 people are well informed and have knowledge of legal aid services including land ownership, inheritances, production and ownership rights including financial rights and tax adherences.

  • 23 Stakeholders including CSOs representatives, elders, government officials, police, court and lawyers in all levels participated in legal aid week. 

  • 1 radio session aired, speaking on rights of entrepreneurship through standard radio on 14th Nov, 2021.


2. Participation in  Women Day 2022:

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